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untill furthur notice

2013-12-11 22:34:32 by palagriz

heya newgrounders!just wnated to keep you all on tabs for whats been going on and why havent i begun my project.

well its simple really.


first, biggest issue is trying to muster a voice actor crew.cant get em all in one place in one time ya know?and the most 'asked for' role is theron the bard.guess i did a good job with him huh?then again hes the narrator of the entire saga so it wouldnt put it past me that alot of male va's want to land him as the main role.

second,i will be slowly pumping out my writing abilities due to 2 jobs in real life.i may have a little down time during the holiday break so i can definately write the rest of episode 3  in this project.if anyone wants to keep up with my writing or is intrested in trying for a role feel free to shoot me an email.


third,im going to commit myself to soley writing when i have spare time so i can focus on completing the first season of this very ambitious project that some claim is ahead of its time.aside from a voice actor crew im seeking out an animator in the future once i can gather all the roles togeather.


after im done with writing the first season im going to take a break from writing the second season.when that happens i will be considering asking aound for a role as a writer in someones works.


attention newgrounds...

2013-08-04 16:01:31 by palagriz

i normally wouldnt place my own affairs onto newgrounds,but it is with great sorrow to inform you that my mother has passed away.she was the one who gave me the ability to be a natural writer,and now shes gone off into heaven.i need aid with the funeral costs in otder to give her the sendoff she needs.anyone with a kind soul,please help me raise 6000 USD in order for her to be laid to rest.for more details please pm me.

away for a while

2013-06-04 13:49:15 by palagriz

ive got good news and bad to all those following my project.the good news is that im in the works for making episode 2 with a few plot twists and new characters.the bad news is my mothers computer died so im stuck yet again with trying to get one.seriously what did computers ever do to us right?but enough about that.lately work has been taking alot of time and hopefully if my ship dosent sail without me i can save up before the back to school sales on computers begin.

hello everyone

2013-01-03 15:28:24 by palagriz

its a new year and a fresh start.i decided to do all my writing on a website that gives away free copywrites.ive added my portfolio link to my profile page,so feel free to take a still getting no responce from anyone in the maintanice depot of newgrounds concerning my project problem,so when i get a chance im going to get everything re started the best way i can.the script is nearly complete so im looking for voice actors person i really want is stoferin to play paroth.he nailed the audition so perfectly that hes a voice i dont want to leave guys may know im pals with javi brokenrecord,and samulis.thanks to javi hes inspired me to finish what i started,even make episode 2 when im finished.the insparation?tania geller.<3 with a heavinly voice id want to include her in a song at the credits rolling as well as make her a possible voice actress.on that note my script is about ready to see its final hoping that samulis and a few other animators get togeather to make my dream come true!

aint no rest for this guy

2012-11-08 09:26:01 by palagriz

so everyones still asking if im done with revising my script.the answer is no.sadly since i work 9 am to 5 pm its been a bit of a punk to just sit down and rock out with my writing.the revised version will hopefully tighten up the story creation.meanwhile im trying to hustle what cash i have to attempt to save up for a laptop that will help complete my waiting on someone to contact me.


2012-10-23 09:30:33 by palagriz

thanks to the ever popular bill gates and his xbox live crew communications are fully restored as far as talking over a compy is concerned.anyway now that im back im doing all that i can to juggle editing the legacy of nira project.i want all team members at the ready to send me messages or ideas they may have.
its time to prefect my gem of a title.

since there has been issues with my computer being wrecked i managed to save enough data to still roll with the punches of making the script.i will be communicating directl;y via xbox live with the username PalagrizOfNira
theres good news too,i have a job and am hard at work on trying to settle a few things so i can get a new computer.though weve had issues with the site being stupid about not fixing our glitch i think its safe to say that if it keeps up we should start it over with the current material we hoping that everyone had backed up their data and save the pictures to a disk.THIS PROJECT IS GONNA LAUNCH IF I GOTTA STAPLE MY HANDS TO A PUBLIC COMPY!also should any member of the project wish to call me in person,please be sure to send me a message via xbox live that you need to contact me.ill make absoulutely certain to set up[ an appointm,ent. :D

still waiting on tom

2012-03-09 12:55:32 by palagriz

im back and ready to try to work on stuff for the project but theres still a major issue that i hope would be resolved.the fileshare is busted beyond keep everyone up to date ill try to revise the script,and im going to have to let the team know that we may have to start from scratch just to ensure the fileshare for broken,keep in contact with samulis and myself if possible so we can bring up any ideas to the table.envy,if youre still around let me know if you have completed the filler time scenes.if we dont have anything then we will have to make due.after im done with some personal buisness ill send word of a meeting as soon as i can to determine what to do.we will be discussing the fileshare issue and presenting any content that we feel will help the scenes as they for our voice actors i do apologize for such a long delay.if you are able to attend the meeting id love to try to hear any ideas you may have concerning your lines.

if theres any issues concerns or ideas please pm me.

taking sick leave

2012-02-21 01:10:23 by palagriz

Hello to the team and peeps passerby.
As an update for the project we have little to work with for the time being.We finally figured out what was wrong with the project fileshare by inquiring to Mr.Fulp directly.Its an anoying bug that needs squishing.for this we will have to rely on the NG team and await repairs.Weve had a few setbacks,but the voice department is still lining up in interest.
As for the art and writing teams they have gone afk so to say to wrap up their school tests.
samulis is hard at work providing what he can with the first scene.i cant wait to see what he has in store!
What about me?Well im simply coordinating traffic,telling whats needed when asked about the project.Im comin down with a terrible case of bronchitis,so for now all mail requests will be put on hold untill I recover.
Im proud to announce that most the voice roles are filled for the first episode!yay!
the updated voice actor list is as follows:
stoferin-plays the roles of Paroth and Sarmation warrior a
Palagriz-plays the two roles as Brune and Arnatule[role for Arnatule still up for grabs if someone auditions for it]

Zulacreed-plays the role of Theron the elven Bard
courtneydawn9mm [kellydraymond]-plays the role of Priestess Serinah
bustersquash-plays as the hunic warrior extra

we still are auditioning for :
The Goddess Nira
Sarmation Warrior B
Volnomus The Hunic General [the main bad guy.]

the new to do list is as follows for the team
when writing crew is available please contact me to see what you have for the intermission/filler time scenes.
since were dealing with a bug in our fileshare,all files should go to me either by leaving emails or links to preview the will have to email me so if ya need to contact me and ask for my email address.
brokenrecord and envy are busy with personal matters it seems so we will wait for them to see what we can turn up.when they return id hope that they can continue where they left off.
ive taken pictures of the model needed for the preistess,and when samulis has a chance i need to drop him a line on the concept of the characters so far.most likely it will be thru his email.
for anything else related to the project,feel free to add your input here: #bbspost23738455_post_text


2012-02-13 04:48:39 by palagriz

the storyline is complete and ready for the art props to be laid down as well as provide the gear needed to tell people we are ready to launch the first episode in the series!i spent all night with the rough draft and am waiting on the filler time and intermission scenes form my other it currently stands we are ready to knock the socks off of mythology.i will be holding a meeting when i can to tell the team were ready to look for voice acting and if samulis still is backing us on music and animation it should be intresting.^_^from this day forward those whom work with me in past present or future projects will be called team Nirain Legacy.:D
to do list for the team:
review the script
find voice acting talent
find an animator so we can help samulis out
inform jabicho its time to collab with samulis on making the tunes
get BrokenDeck to make the second scene song.[if he dosent then it will fall on samulis and jabicho to pump out the music]
seek out artist to try to come up with a concept for the goddess[wolf form] sarmation warrior extras and hunic army extras.
create a thread for the first episode in the forums to try to attract attention to the masses to see if we can get voice acting and more artists.make sure it says copyright by us,team Nirain Legacy.
team members mail me confirming that they have downloaded the content so far so i can see if i can remove some files to bring more concept ideas to the table.

update 518 am central usa time:forum created for project members. ost23738455_post_text