Entry #12

untill furthur notice

2013-12-11 22:34:32 by palagriz

heya newgrounders!just wnated to keep you all on tabs for whats been going on and why havent i begun my project.

well its simple really.


first,SETBACKS.my biggest issue is trying to muster a voice actor crew.cant get em all in one place in one time ya know?and the most 'asked for' role is theron the bard.guess i did a good job with him huh?then again hes the narrator of the entire saga so it wouldnt put it past me that alot of male va's want to land him as the main role.

second,i will be slowly pumping out my writing abilities due to 2 jobs in real life.i may have a little down time during the holiday break so i can definately write the rest of episode 3  in this project.if anyone wants to keep up with my writing or is intrested in trying for a role feel free to shoot me an email. palagriz@gmail.com


third,im going to commit myself to soley writing when i have spare time so i can focus on completing the first season of this very ambitious project that some claim is ahead of its time.aside from a voice actor crew im seeking out an animator in the future once i can gather all the roles togeather.


after im done with writing the first season im going to take a break from writing the second season.when that happens i will be considering asking aound for a role as a writer in someones works.



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